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Guptaji invests is an Angel Network. As mentioned in the logo, we are a platform connecting the right dots of founders of startups with Gupta community investors, professionals, aspiring investors who may be HNIs doing traditional business who can judge the idea, startups and also add a lot of value too like market access, mentoring, etc  apart from just investing money.   Startups can be from any community.  We also do investment banking, analyzing market trends, managing assets, and reducing financial risk. 


Our goal is to safeguard the dreams you strived to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. We use proven investment strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and hedge against market volatility.   As a Gupta, also known as baniya, we only like, think, do business, business, business and we can't avoid it.    We wants to impact the maximum possible.


Due to advancement in technology like 5G, web3, etc the consumer behavior is changing and so the businesses should provide what the customer wants.   But many traditional businesses are not changing and so the innovators are becoming founders by starting startups which are getting acquired, acquihired, invested by big businesses in those industries.   Due to Shark Tank India, awareness on innovation, investments, valuation, startups, scalability, etc are done.


 We mainly focus on bridge round stage and inflection point stage of a startup in its hockey stick graph model of exponential growth.


With a decade of experience in startup ecosystem in various companies of various industries in various levels, we want to make all of our stake holders richer for sure and richest if possible.   Mainly the investors and startups.   


As explained pictorially in our logo, we are a platform where we connect dots.   Not any random dots but the RIGHT dots through pitching events.


Ravi Teja Gupta

Founder - Guptaji invests

Ravi Teja Gupta is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the startup ecosystem. As the Founder of Guptaji invests, an exclusive angel network for HNIs, NRIs, and professionals from the Gupta/Vysya community. Guptaji has made significant contributions to the industry. His diverse background includes roles as an intern, employee, founder, investor, and enabler, providing him with a holistic understanding of the startup landscape. Guptaji has worked with renowned organizations such as Practo, Paytm, and Shiksha (a Naukri company). He is an active member with Startup Leadership Program, TITA, Headstart and  supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Guptaji has received excellent education and valuable learnings from renowned institutions like Indian School of Business (ISB), Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA), Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) University of Hyderabad (UOH) and Osmania University (OU).

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