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Guptaji Invests Accelerates Startups' Visions with Strategic Investments in Startoon Labs and Exprs

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

L-R Suresh Susarla, Mythreyi, Ravi Teja Gupta, MSR(t-hub), Srinivas Madhavam

Guptaji invests, an Angel Network connecting startups with investors, has facilitated strategic investments for Startoon Labs, a medical device company, and Exprs, India's largest grid of connected neighbourhood hubs, accelerating these startup’s visions and expanding their impact horizon with the capital infusion.

Startoon Labs is a medical device company that is developing cutting-edge healthcare solutions to improve patient care and outcomes. Exprs, on the other hand, is India's largest grid of connected neighbourhood hubs, revolutionising the way local communities connect and interact.

As a trusted partner of T-Hub investments, Guptaji Invests is committed to fostering innovation and supporting promising startups in their growth journey. Through this strategic investment, Guptaji Invests aims to provide Startoon Labs and Exprs with the necessary capital to scale their operations and make a meaningful impact in their respective industries.

"We believe that with our capital infusion and value-added services, we can help Startoon Labs and Exprs accelerate their visions and create a lasting impact in their industries," said Mr. Ravi Teja Gupta, Founder of Guptaji Invests.

Guptaji Invests is proud to support innovative startups like Startoon Labs and Exprs, further reinforcing the community-driven approach to investments.

About Guptaji Invests:

Guptaji Invests is an Angel Network that connects startups with investors, with a focus on fostering innovation and supporting early-stage ventures. Apart from funding, Guptaji Invests also provides value-added services such as investment banking, market trends' analysis, assets management, and financial risk reduction to help startups optimise their business strategies and achieve their growth objectives.

Photo : L-R 1. Suresh Susarla, Mythreyi, Ravi Teja Gupta, MSR(t-hub), Srinivas Madhavam

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