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Guptaji Invests Honoured with TITA Social Impact Award 2022

30th October 2022 marked a momentous occasion for the Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) as they celebrated their Decennial at the prestigious T-Hub 2.0. Among the many highlights of the event, Guptaji Invests shone brightly as they were honoured with the TITA Social Impact Award 2022.

The TITA Social Impact Award recognises organisations that have made a significant difference in society through their innovative contributions and initiatives. Guptaji Invests, led by Mr. Ravi Teja Gupta, received this prestigious accolade in recognition of their exceptional efforts and positive influence on the community.

Guptaji Invests, a renowned investment firm known for their commitment to social causes, has consistently demonstrated their dedication to improving lives and empowering communities. Through their strategic investments and partnerships, they have successfully implemented projects that have had a profound impact on society.

Mr. Ravi Teja Gupta, the driving force behind Guptaji Invests, graciously accepted the TITA Social Impact Award on behalf of the organization.

About Guptaji Invests:

Guptaji Invests is an Angel Network that connects startups with investors, with a focus on fostering innovation and supporting early-stage ventures. Apart from funding, Guptaji Invests also provides value-added services such as investment banking, market trends' analysis, assets management, and financial risk reduction to help startups optimise their business strategies and achieve their growth objectives.



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